Great Facts For Dolphin Lovers

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Flipper, an American show which first broadcast on NBC in 1967 featured the adorable bottlenose dolphin who swam his way into our hearts. Dolphins evolved about 10 million years ago. The average size of a male dolphin can range from 5 to 18 feet. They are amongst the most intelligent animals in the world. Leaps, dives, walking on top of their flukes and playing with balls are basically some of the tricks performed by these adorable mammals. They are trained similar to any other pet. They learn that they are given an award whenever they perform a new trick. They are often feed large quantities of fish or praised when learning a new trick. A whistle is often used when giving an award. The mammal associates the whistle with the fish it is given.

Dolphins are carnivores, they eat mostly fish and squid. Carnivores are considered to be meat eaters and yes, fish is considered to be meat. Although they lack olfactory receptors, they have excellent vision and pretty good hearing. Olfactory receptors are responsible for the detection of odor molecules. In other words, the sense of smell. Dolphins also have a hearing range that far exceeds that of humans and dogs. They are able to hear and produce some of the highest frequency sounds of all mammals. Flipper definitely didn't need any glasses because dolphins can see beautifully below and above the water. Did you ever wonder why this marine mammal has a small opening on top of its head? That small opening called a blowhole. Dolphins use the blowhole to breath.

The dolphin has become popular quite popular in homes today. From beautiful lamps to luxurious bedding ensembles. The look can create a relaxing and peaceful oasis or can it enhance the room decor. Either way, the dolphin will continue to swim its way into our hearts and home.
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Great Facts For Dolphin Lovers

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This article was published on 2010/10/22