Go Dolphin Friendly In The Red Sea

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One of the most popular activities to enjoy during a holiday in the Red Sea involves one of the region's most beloved animal residents, the dolphins. Visitors to the Red Sea can choose to take advantage of one of the many dolphin based activities and get to know more about these fascinating creatures. Swimming with the dolphins in the crystal clear waters in the Red Sea is definitely an experience that everyone should encounter, the animals are friendly, curious and waste no time in getting to know you! One of the most popular options for a dolphin themed holiday is a week-long package which combines a relaxing cruise on a boat safari and day trips to the eco lodge where the dolphins live. If you are ready to enjoy a holiday with a fantastic twist, make sure you consider taking advantage of this unique holiday opportunity.

Swimming with these wild dolphins is a magical experience as they have a habit of being very playful and interactive with the swimmers. Guests are advised not to disturb or chase them; instead they should let the dolphins come to them, which it is almost guaranteed that they will. The warm Red Sea waters are the perfect setting for this; many visitors even opt to throw in some scuba diving whilst they are there to take in some of the colourful coral reefs. Diving in the Red Sea has always been a popular activity, the waters are so clear that you can observe all of the vibrant marine life with the upmost clarity.

The local guides will ensure that you are perfectly comfortable when swimming with the dolphins, whether you wish to simply observe them from the surface or dive in to swim with them underwater, the choice is yours. The areas which offer dolphin swimming are typically set apart from the mass tourism areas which ensure that there are no negative effects on the dolphin's natural behaviour or habitat.

The Egyptian tourism board has worked hard to preserve certain areas of the Red Sea to develop responsible and sustainable tourism in Egypt. The same ethos is displayed when it comes to human interaction with the dolphins, every movement is made on the dolphin's terms and they will not be disturbed when they are resting. For nature lovers, swimming with dolphins in the Red Sea is one of the most memorable moments of their lives and allows them to truly experience an undisturbed facet of nature.
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Go Dolphin Friendly In The Red Sea

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This article was published on 2010/10/14