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If you have been wondering about the types of dolphins which exist and desire to learn several fun facts about dolphins you have come to the right place. There are 26 varieties of dolphins that have been recognized and of these 26 there are 13 which have streamlined bodies and beaks which can be well described and long. Within these kinds of 26 species there are many shapes, sizes, flippers, and colors of dolphins.
This bottlenose dolphin is one of the most common and is often found in waters over the coast which can be between 45° N and 45° S of the equator. It may also commonly be viewed in European waters in the northern parts. With these kind of dolphins, they often live in groups with approximately 20 dolphins per pod. They work together as a team to catch large schools of fish and also like to trail along behind fishing boats to catch whatever is left behind.
Here are usually some speedy fun facts about dolphins that may help you get a much better understanding of them. Prepare to be amazed!
1. Some kinds of dolphins possess females that can give birth up to 45 years of age.
2. Dolphins use fish whacking to kill their prey. Sometimes they hit these types of fish right out of the water.
3. Dolphins can eat greater than 15 kg of food daily. Their preferred food contains octopus, squid as well as fish.
3. These sea mammals are a fun and playful bunch and they can commonly be seen slapping each other's tails, surfing the waves, chasing each other, carrying points around like seaweed in their mouths and leaping joyfully into the air.
4. Females carry their young for 12 months before they're born.
5. Dolphin babies are known as calves and feed from their mother until they are approximately 18 months old but in addition supplement their diet with fish starting from the age of six months.
These fun facts about dolphins are simply an integral part of the small story. Since there are so many different types of dolphins and they have such an interesting character, it's really worth your time to do an even more complete study about them. Dolphins have for ages been considered to be just about the most intelligent animals in the world and several professionals say that they are indeed the smartest. They can communicate, play and connect to people and are never violent towards them.
There are many aquatic parks around the globe that have got dolphins performing for people and this is one of the best methods to see one up close and personal. Although there are many different types of dolphins, the bottlenose dolphin is usually featured as a star performer at these types of parks.
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Enjoy These Fun Facts About Dolphins

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This article was published on 2012/05/30
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