Dolphin Stuffed Animals Are The Next Best Thing

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If you have been lucky enough to attend an aquarium show, you know that most, if not all of them have bottlenose dolphins as their stars. With their permanent 'smiles' etched onto curved mouths, along with their intelligence and charisma, it's hard to not fall in love with these charming animals. Since there is never even the slightest chance a bottlenose dolphin could ever come home with you, a dolphin stuffed animal is the next best thing. Most aquarium parks have dolphin stuffed animals for sale but they can also be purchased at many online shops. For instance there are some wonderful 3.5 foot long dolphin stuffed animals that surely any child will adore.

Bottlenose dolphins live in tropical oceans and warm waters around the world. They can reach speeds of more than 18 miles per hour and can live until they are fifty (though the average age is 17). Every minute, they surface about two or three times to breathe. They travel in social groups called pods which range in number from 2 to 15 individuals. They communicate with each other through high pitched squeaks and whistles. Despite the 100 teeth in their mouths, they swallow food whole their teeth are used for grasping prey. Adult dolphins may consume upwards of 30 pounds of fish per day which includes bottom-dwelling fish, along with shrimp and squid. They have also been known to follow fishing boats so they can feed on the leftovers that are thrown overboard.

Unlike any other mammal in the world, dolphin babies are born tail first and are 42 to 52 inches in length at birth. Babies nurse for approximately 18 months and Mothers stay with their calves for two to three years.

There has always been much debate about whether or not aquariums should have wild dolphins performing in aquatic shows or even whether they should be in captivity at all. There is no denying that it is quite a thrill to see them up close despite it not being in their natural habitat. One way to support the cause of keeping wild dolphins wild, is to purchase dolphin stuffed animals so as to draw greater attention to the issue. Or, if you are on the fence about it all, then buy a dolphin stuffed animal just because they are so gosh darn adorable.
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Dolphin Stuffed Animals Are The Next Best Thing

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This article was published on 2010/10/07